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Kurtaholics Anonymous' Journal
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Monday, June 2nd, 2003

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Request and fic, whoo!
I've been struck with a mad urge to post. Coupled with the realization I didn't post my last two Kurt/Logan fics here, and the fact that I'm a feedback whore, here we go!

But first, a request. I just realized I love the way Joe Mad draws the X-Men, and Kurt in particular. Can anyone A) direct me to some Mad-Kurt pics online or B) direct me to some sort of list of X-Men issues drawn by Joe Madueira? Thanks in advance ^_^.

Title: Nightmares
Rating: G
Universe: X2
Pairing: Kurt/Logan a'course
Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own them, though can anyone truly say they own Wolverine?
Notes: Written for the contrelamontre no dialogue challenge of two weeks ago. Just a little something the boys have in common...

Nightmares...Collapse )

Current Mood: post-crazy
'Nother fic...
Title: Dreams in White
Rating: PG
Universe: X2
Pairing: Logan/Kurt, yay!
Disclaimer: They belong to Marvel and Fox. They only belong to me in my delusional dreams. [sigh]
Notes: Written for this week's contrelamontre challenge, to have the color white be a focus of the story. More stuff about dreams...

He dreams in white.Collapse )
And finally, I bought Wizard's X-Men special today. There were many beautiful Kurt pics, and many strange Kurt pics. Aside from the Kurt and Logan bobbleheads, I think these were the strangest...

X-men, crackified!Collapse )

Current Mood: silly

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