July 8th, 2003

devil's messenger//by phantasmrose

I hate introductions

Hullo, I joined not long ago but I hate introductory posts so I've put it off for this long. *L* Ah well, I'm here now. ::waves::

I'm zim, 22, female and I've been an X-Men fan for the majority of my life really. When I was a little girl Gambit was always my favorite, and it's amused me greatly that without reading any comics, seeing the tv show, etc. I paired Gambit and Rogue together just because I thought they'd work. Ha!

I used to live with my Uncle and he was one of those "D&D geeks" (I say that with much love, trust me) who had a game room that's walls were full of miniatures, books and binders of cards. When I was grounded (which was much of the time) he would enlist me to go through his cards, put them in order, pick out the doubles, etc. and he'd pay me in X-Men cards. ^_^ I still have some of those!

Anyway, Kurt didn't end up being one of my favorites till I was about 12, and I used to call my boyfriendy type person Nightcrawler due to his acrobatic jumping abilities. After that the actual character just grew to be one of my favorites. ^_^

Right now I'm working on a Kurt/OC fic that has been eating my brain and most of my time. If anyone is actually interested let me know, but I'm not about to force it on anyway.

AND yesterday morning I found an amusing comic bit concerning Kurt and Meggan (sp?) that I thought I'd offer up just in case ya'll hadn't seen it yet.

here ya goCollapse )

Okay, that was long enough, longer than I expected actually. Byeeeee!
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