July 22nd, 2003

devil's messenger//by phantasmrose

A little ficlet

Because I was so encouraged to do so (okay by one person but so what?) I decided to give posting one of my fics a try. All of them have an original character in them, which I know can annoy some people, so I picked one where she's in it very little.

Title: Sick Boy
Rating: G
Summary: Kurt has a cold.
Notes: I think the only thing you need to know is that they don't live in the mansion, but they're fairly close. Oh, and as I tell everyone, I do not even ATTEMPT the accent. It bugs me when people insist on writing every other word Kurt says in German just b/c they think it sounds cool. If you can do it right and do it well go for it I say. Personally, I don't even try, it's better that way, trust me. ^_~

Sick BoyCollapse )
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