July 23rd, 2003


This is sevati from Nightscrawlers.com (I'm not a moderator there, I'm just passing along infortmation I've gotten from the mods and admins). I think NS stopped working sometime Friday afternoon.

I received confirmation this Monday, the 21st. The guy who hosts NS and all the mini-sites (Crawler's cstuck.com, Bamfette's bronzepig.ca, Mabus's uncannyx-sprites.com) had a hacker get into his computer. The jackass hacker deleted the database.... this means we will lose everything that's been posted since the last time Bamfette backed-up the system. Which was either 2 or 4 months ago, not sure. Internutter was able to save most of the FAQ.

The admins (Crawler, Bamfette) haven't been able to access the Host's server since this all happened, so they haven't been able to put a big announcement of 'Scrawlers was hacked, check back in _(period of time)_ to see if we've got it all running again, you may have to rejoin.' yet. And they just got back from the San Diego Comic Convention a day or two ago.

It's just awful to think of, because we'll lose sooooo many good threads and posts. We might even lose some of the more recent gallery additions, but those should be easy to replace.
I joined like the 12th of May after lurking since last August. I'll prolly have to rejoin.. sucks.
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