August 30th, 2003



So I just finished watching this morning's new episode of X-Men: Evolution (I had to tape it to watch tonight, thus the long delay) and of course I'm none to happy with Rogue right now.

But this episode was wonderful in its display of Kurt. I was so amazed at how pure his heart is. That he would go out of his way to save this woman who had abandoned him and even tried to hurt him directly is incredible. It just showed what a wonderful person he is inside.

I wouldn't be surprised if his heart is so big as to forgive Rogue, despite the fact that she essentially killed his last chance to know his biological mother and to learn the truth about his past.

In this episode, Kurt just recaptured my heart due to the levels of personality they had him display. He's definitely one of the most complex, three-dimensional X-Men, and episodes like these prove it beyond a doubt.

I suppose I invest too much emotion into some cartoon/comic characters, but I can't help it sometimes, like when I stumble across such an amazing persona as Kurt.
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