September 1st, 2003

can't be good

Uncanny issue #430?

Hi guys. I've got a question for you. Does anyone have Uncanny XMen issue number 430? It's installment part 2 in "The Draco" (#428 with Nightcrawler on the front being the Prologue and #429 with Iceman on the front being part 1). I'm a little confused. You see, according to the Marvel site issue #430 was supposed to have come out by August 20th. For the past few weeks I have been checking my local comic shop for it. I had the comic guy run through the inventory lists off all the comics they have gotten for the past few weeks and they haven't received any Uncanny issues.
Also according to the Marvel site, #430 has the pic of Iceman on the front. But I'm holding issue #429 right here and it's that exact same image (except mine is in the reverse). Is the Marvel site wrong? Is there some sort of mistake? Or was all of this supposed to be about #429 and they typed 430 instead? (Though I got my issue #429 way before Aug 20)
Peek here to see the image and description for issue 430. In 429, Juggernaut has not yet set out on his own, so I think that's the description for 430... so confusing. But yeah, the pic they show there is the image from my 429.

I guess I was just wondering if anyone else was dealing with this confusing issue. :P Hope I didn't confuse people more!

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