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Kurtaholics Anonymous' Journal
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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

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Keeping the Faith (the beginning)
The storm was raging late into the night as Kurt walked through the old church. He had volunteered to keep the late watch duties and knew that his fellow brothers, try as they might to accommodate his appearance, were more than glad to give it to him. Most of the parishioners had gone already, and those who came to the church this late at night were usually troublemakers who were scared off by his appearance. He currently found himself alone in the quiet hall with his thoughts as he tended the prayer candles at the small altar. “Better to light a candle then to curse der darkness…” he says with a smile as he lights one of the small candles, the soft glow radiating over his indigo fur.-- Funny, didn’t Herr Professor tell me that when he rescued me?-- With an irritated twitch of his tail, Kurt turns and stares at the large figure of the crucifixion over the altar.

-- I gave up that life…didn’t I?--

The lightning crackles outside and a thunderous boom echoes through the hall. As it fades, however, Kurt realizes that the pounding noise is continuing, and coming from the entrance. --So much for peace and quiet…let’s just hope it’s not another drunk looking for a place to sleep-- With a weary sigh he walks to the doors and opens them to the force of the driving rain.

“Can I help you, my--?” he is unable to finish his sentence as a semi-conscious woman looking very much like a drowned rat drops at his feet.

“Sanctuary…” he barely hears her plead over the storm.

“Unglaublich,” Kurt mutters as he bends down to help her into the church. As he picks her up into his arms he notices a dart sticking out of her shoulder. “Was?” The fur rises on the back of Kurt’s neck as he peers into the storm, old instincts coming to the forefront. Kurt quickly grabs the woman into his arms and closes the church doors. He then lays the unconscious woman in one of the pews and proceeds to lock the doors. “Funny, I don’t remember praying for more excitement in my life zis morning…” he says to himself as the large bar slides into place over the doors.

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An Icon Question
Hello fellow fans of the wonderful Nightcrawler. :) I was wondering if anyone can identify the user who made the base for my user icon. I feel like an absolute idiot for posting it without knowing who made it, but uploading it as an icon was the only way that I could show it to the community, which was really the entire point.

My weak apologies aside, can anyone please help me by telling me who made the base for my user icon?

Cross-posted at kurtaholics, x2icons and fuzzy_bluelf

My apologies to those who have several of the above communities friended, because you will be seeing this post several times. Sorry.

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