September 15th, 2003


Evo Kurt fans...

So I finally got around to uploading all the Kurt mood icons I made this summer (for a month I was pretty much stuck at home, so yes, I have a life sometimes...). They're all of Kurt in his Evolution form, however. Maybe when I have lots of time again I'll make a mood set of his comic version. Or a mixture.

But for now, here's a complete mood set. It has all the LJ moods (except for a few) and it has some non-LJ moods too (there were a few [a lot] of missing moods I wish LJ supported so I went ahead and made them anyway to use on my personal website). So, yeah, if you like Evo Kurt or just want a comprehensive Kurt mood set, go ahead and use mine if you wish. (Edit: Just please don't link directly to the pics on my site - they probably won't work due to the nature of Geocities and I'm not sure how quickly I'll exceed my bandwidth limit. Right now I'm looking into finding a better site that can host them.)

And I feel obligated to thank Haruka (even if she may never read this) for have a bazillion screen grabs that made making this set hard not because of a lack of pics but because I had so many it was hard to choose.

That is all for now, folks.
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