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Hello, there was nothing about this in the rules so if this isn't allowed please feel free to delete me. I'm trying not to step on any toes here. I'll even put it behind a cut so as not to clutter.


Charles Xavier woke to find her on his doorstep, soaked to the bone, clothes ragged and torn, and looking as though she hadn't had nourishment for far too long. Without hesitation, Xavier took her in, clothed her, fed her and waited patiently for her to break a silence she held onto in desperation for almost three days. "My name is Jocelin," she told him in a voice that sounded new and unused. "I don't know why I'm here."

No one knows that Jocelin is not who she slowly reveals herself to be, not even Jocelin herself. No one knows that when she was dropped into this reality, a reality that would be far past to her, that someone else tagged a long with her and has plans to bring destruction to the X-Men a lot sooner than could ever be hoped for.

Now something is brewing in the western countries that will effect all of mutant-kind. Loyalties will be tested and it will truly become clear who is a friend and who had been a foe posing as a staunch supporter. Tonight, while everyone settles in for a night of peaceful rest, their peace will be interrupted by a foe they never saw coming. But who would have such a hatred for mutants in an otherwise tolerant world? What would be their motivation?

The mystery begins to unfold on Monday. Where will you be?
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