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We're New Here!

Here is our
In the year 1995, we received a new addition to our family in the form of our very first computer. At the time, we never knew how it would affect our lives,

but shortly after getting online for the first time, we began to encounter others who shared our opinions. Then we joined our first Sim, or RP, club, and very

soon after that we discovered the delightful world of fan fiction. We had been writing and role playing for most of our lives already, and so we took to doing

it online as naturally as a duck takes to water.
At the time we started all those 13 years ago, we had plenty of avenues to choose from. AOL was full to bursting with RPs, and CFAN was in its prime

existence. Unfortunately, as the years have progressed, the avenues offered to us writers have steadily decreased until what seemed to be left to us was

fanfiction.net who places such limitations on fics and is filled with those who try but fail to write good stories, faltering Yahoo! Groups, and dying web sites.

Then a search late one night led us here to Live Journal. We're cross posting this message at many places, however, for too many of the groups here

already look to be dying. We hope that is not the case but wanted to increase our chances of finding both good writers and eager, reviewing readers

Now on to the rest of our introduction . . .
Jack and I are gay, Pagan males who are very much in love with each other and who write both together and seperately. He considers himself more of an

actor, reacting in fics as his character, or characters, would do, but I think of myself as a true writer, an artist of words if you will. Between the two of us, we

have written nearly 200 stories, drabbles, and poems in over 35 fandoms, but our longest and most loved story remains the one that always seems to get

the least reviews.

complete with our list of 

Addams Family:
Sparrow: Morticia, Gomez, Thing; Gomez/Morticia, Wednesday/Eddie Munster
Turner: Morticia, Gomez, Thing; Gomez/Morticia, Wednesday/Eddie Munster
Sparrow: Genie, Rajah, Jasmine; Aladdin/Jasmine, Aladdin/Genie
Turner: Rajah, Jasmine, Genie; Aladdin/Jasmine, Genie/Carpet
American Dragon: Jake Long:
Sparrow: Foo Dog, Grandpa, Sun; Grandpa/Sun
Turner: Foo Dog, Grandpa, Sun; Grandpa/Sun, Spud/Trixi
Sparrow: Angel, Spike, Cordelia; Angel/Cordelia
Turner: Faith, Lorne, Cordelia; Angel/Cordelia, Spike/Cordelia, Dennis/Cordelia friendship
Sparrow: Tobias, Rachel, Jake; Tobias/Rachel, Jake/Cassie
Turner: Rachel, Cassie, Tobias; Tobias/Rachel
Artemis Fowl:
Sparrow: Holly, Foaly, Artemis; Artemis/Butler
Turner: Holly, Foaly, Artemis; Artemis/Holly, Artemis/Butler
Sparrow: Batman, Catwoman; Batman/Catwoman
Turner: Catwoman, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), Robin (Chris O'Donnell); Batman/Catwoman, Robin/Batgirl, Joker/Harley Quinn
Beauty and the Beast:
Sparrow: Beast, Belle, Mrs. Potts; Beast/Belle, Cogsworth/Lumiere, Papa/Mrs. Potts
Turner: Beast, Belle, Lumiere; Beast/Belle, Cogsworth/Lumiere, Papa/Mrs. Potts
Beauty and the Beast:
Sparrow: Vincent, Father; no liked pairing
Turner: Vincent; no liked pairing
Sparrow: Beetlejuice, Lydia, Jacques; Beetlejuice/Lydia
Turner: Lydia, Beetlejuice, Jacques; Beetlejuice/Lydia
Sparrow: Samantha, Endora, Esmerelda; no liked pairing
Turner: Endora, Samantha, Maurice; Maurice/Endora, Samantha/Jeannie
Big Wolf On Campus:
Sparrow: Merton, Tommy; Tommy/Merton
Turner: Merton, Stacey, Tommy; Tommy/Merton, Tommy/Stacey
Biker Mice From Mars:
Sparrow: Vinnie, Modo, Throttle; Vinnie/Charley, Modo/Throttle
Turner: Vinnie, Modo, Charley; Vinnie/Modo, Vinnie/Charley
Birds of Prey:
Sparrow: Helena; no preferred pairing
Turner: Helena, Barbarba, Dinah; Helena/Barbara
Blades of Glory:
Sparrow: Chazz, Jimmy, Coach; Chazz/Jimmy
Turner: Chazz, Jimmy, Coach; Chazz/Jimmy, Coach/Jesse
Boy Meets World:
Sparrow: Feeny, Eric, Alan; Feeny/Eric
Turner: Feeny, Eric, Shawn; Feeny/Eric, Shawn/Cory, Shawn/Jack
Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars:
Sparrow: Jenny, Bucky; Bucky/Jenny
Turner: Jenny, Felicia, Bucky; Bucky/Jenny
Sparrow: Spike, Giles, Xander; Angel/Cordelia, Willow/Kennedy, Xander/Willow
Turner: Spike, Faith, Cordelia; Angel/Cordelia, Spike/Angel, Willow/Kennedy
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:
Sparrow: Mira, Booster, XR; Buzz/Woody, Buzz/Mira, Booster/XR
Turner: Mira, Buzz, Booster; Buzz/Woody, Buzz/Mira, Booster/XR
California Dreams:
Sparrow: Jake; no preferred pairing
Turner: Lorena, Jake, Matthew; Jake/Lorena, Tony/Sam, Matthew/Tiffani
Captain Planet:
Sparrow: Gaia, Captain, Lee; Wheeler/Linka
Turner: Gaia, Linka, Wheeler; Captain/Gaia, Wheeler/Linka
Sparrow: Lightning, Mater, Luigi; Lightning/Mater, Guido/Luigi
Turner: Mater, Lightning, Doc; Lightning/Mater, Guido/Luigi; Lightning/Doc
Sparrow: Casper, Kat; Casper/Kat, any combination of Stretch, Stinkie, & Fatso, James/Amelia
Turner: Casper, Kat; Casper/Kat, any combination of Stretch, Stinkie, & Fatso, James/Amelia
Sparrow: Piper, Prue, Cole; Cole/Piper
Turner: Piper, Prue, Cole; Cole/Piper, Prue/Piper, Shamus/Paige
Chronicles of Narnia:
Sparrow: Aslan, Tumnus, Lucy; Tumnus/Lucy
Turner: Aslan, Tumnus; Tumnus/Lucy
COWboys of Moo Mesa:
Sparrow: Moo, Cowlorado, Dakota; Moo/Kate, Dude/Kate
Turner: Cowlorado, Moo, Dakota; Cowlorado/Moo, Dude/Kate
Dark Shadows:
Sparrow: Barnabas, Quentin; Barnabas/Quentin
Darkwing Duck:
Sparrow: Darkwing, Morgana, Launchpad; Darkwing/Morgana, Honker/Gosalyn
Turner: Morgana, Darkwing, Launchpad; Darkwing/Morgana, Honker/Gosalyn
Dawson's Creek:
Sparrow: Jack, Dawson, Pacey; Jack/Doug, Pacey/Dawson
Turner: Andie, Pacey, Jack; Pacey/Andie, Dawson/Faith, Dawson/Pacey
Defenders of the Earth:
Sparrow: Mandrake, Jedda, Rick; Mandrake/Jedda, Rick/Jedda
Turner: Jedda, Mandrake, Keesa; Mandrake/Jedda
See various Disney fandoms.
Sparrow: Elvira, Gonk; no preferred pairings
Turner: Elvira, Gonk; Jareth/Elvira, Wolf/Elvira
Emperor's New Groove:
Sparrow: Kronk, Yzma, Kuzco; Kronk/Yzma, Kronk/Kuzco
Turner: Kronk, Pacha, Kuzco; Kronk/Kuzco, Kronk/Pacha, Pacha/Chicha
Everybody Loves Raymond:
Sparrow: Robert, Debra; Robert/Debra
Turner: Marie, Robert, Frank; Frank/Marie, Robert/Debra
Sparrow: Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Phoenix 2; Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Phoenix 2/Shadowcat
Turner: Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Wolfsbane; Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Phoenix 2/Shadowcat, Captain Britain/Meggan
Fox and the Hound:
Sparrow: Tod, Copper, Dixie; Tod/Copper, Cash/Dixie
Turner: Tod, Copper, Dixie; Tod/Copper, Cash/Dixie
Full House:
Sparrow: Jesse, Danny, Joey; Jesse/Rebecca
Turner: Jesse, DJ, Joey; Steve/DJ, Jesse/Rebecca, Jesse/Joey
Sparrow: Garfield, Odie; Garfield/Odie
Turner: Garfield, Odie, John; Garfield/Odie
Sparrow: Goliath, Elisa, Broadway; Goliath/Elisa
Turner: Elisa, Goliath, Broadway; Goliath/Elisa, Goliath/Demona, Broadway/Angela
Generation X:
Sparrow: Banshee, White Queen, Jubilee; Banshee/White Queen, Skin/Jubilee
Turner: White Queen, Banshee, Jubilee; Banshee/White Queen, Chamber/Husk, Skin/Jubilee unless it's the movie and then it's Skin/Jubilee in second

George of the Jungle:
Sparrow: George, Ape, Shep; George/Ursula
Turner: Ape, George, Shep; George/Ape
Sparrow: Peter, Ray, Egon; no desired pairings
Turner: Egon, Peter, Ray if cartoon; Egon, Ray, Peter if movie; Egon/Peter, Peter/Ray, Egon/Janine
Golden Girls:
Sparrow: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose; Dorothy/Blanche, Dorothy/Blanche/Rose
Turner: Blanche, Dorothy, Rose; Blanche/Dorothy, Rose/Miles, Dorothy/Blanche/Rose
Halloween That Almost Wasn't:
Sparrow: Witch, Dracula; Dracula/Witch
Turner: Dracula, Frankenstein, Witch; Dracula/Witch
Happy Days:
Sparrow: Fonzie, Marion; Fonz/Marion, Fonz/Joanie, Chachi/Joanie
Turner: Fonzie, Chachi, Joanie; Fonz/Rich, Chachi/Joanie, Fonz/Marion
Harry Potter:
Sparrow: Hagrid, Albus, Snape; Albus/Snape, Hagrid/Albus, Harry/Ron
Turner: Rubeus, Severus, Albus; Albus/Severus, Harry/Ron, Sirius/Lupin
Sparrow: Hercules, Iolaus, Zeus; Hercules/Iolaus
Turner: Hercules, Iolaus, Autolycus; Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Aphrodite
High School Musical:
Sparrow: Chad, Ryan, Gabriella; Chad/Ryan
Turner: Ryan, Sharpay, Chad; Ryan/Sharpay, Chad/Ryan, Chad/Troy
Hocus Pocus:
Sparrow: Winifred, Thackery, Mary; Billy/Sarah
Turner: Thackery, Sarah, Billy; Thackery/Dani, Max/Alison, Billy/Sarah
I Dream of Jeannie:
Sparrow: Jeannie; no desired pairings
Turner: Jeannie, Roger, Tony; Roger/Tony, Jeannie/Samantha Stephens, Roger/Jeannie/Tony
Ice Age:
Sparrow: Diego, Manfred, Sid; Diego/Manfred
Turner: Diego, Manfred, Sid; Diego/Manfred
Jackie Chan Adventures:
Sparrow: Jackie, Viper, Uncle; Jackie/Viper, Paco/Jade, Uncle/Tohru's mother
Turner: Jade, Uncle, Tohru; Jackie/Viper, Paco/Jade
Kate and Leopold:
Sparrow: Leopold, Charlie, Kate; Leopold/Kate
Turner: Leopold, Charlie, Kate; Leopold/Kate, Leopold/Charlie
Kim Possible:
Sparrow: Shego, Drakken, Rufus; Drakken/Shego, Ron/Kim
Turner: Shego, Rufus, Drakken; Drakken/Shego, Ron/Kim, Wade/Monique
Sparrow: Jareth, Didymus, Hoggle; no desired pairings
Turner: Jareth, Didymus, Worm; Jareth/Elvira
Lilo & Stitch:
Sparrow: Stitch, Pleakley, Jumba; Stitch/Lilo, Jumba/Pleakley, David/Nani
Turner: Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley; Jumba/Pleakley, Stitch/Lilo, David/Nani
Lion King:
Sparrow: Simba, Nala, Rafiki; Simba/Nala, Timon/Pumbaa
Turner: Simba, Nala, Mufasa; Simba/Nala, Timon/Pumbaa, Mufasa/Sarabi
Little Mermaid:
Sparrow: Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder; Flounder/Ariel, Tritan/Sebastian
Turner: Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder; Sebastian/Flounder, Tritan/Sebastian\
Lord of the Rings:
Sparrow: Legolas, Aragorn, Frodo; Frodo/Sam, Pippin/Merry
Turner: Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn; Frodo/Sam, Pippin/Merry
Magnificent Seven:
Sparrow: Chris, Vin, Josiah; Chris/Vin, Buck/JD, Buck/Inez/Ezra
Turner: Ezra, Vin, JD; Chris/Vin, Buck/JD, Ezra/Inez
Mary Poppins:
Sparrow: Bert, Mary, Albert; Bert/Mary
Turner: Bert, Mary; Bert/Mary
Monster Squad:
Sparrow: Rudy, Frankenstein; no desired pairing
Turner: Rudy, Frankenstein; no desired pairing
The Munsters:
Sparrow: Lily, Herman, Grandpa; Herman/Lily, Grandpa/Grandma Addams, Lurch/Thing
Turner: Lily, Grandpa, Eddie; Herman/Lily, Eddie/Wednesday Addams, Original Supernatural Character/Marilyn
Sparrow: Fran, Niles, Maxwell; Max/Fran, Niles/C.C., Niles/Fran
Turner: Niles, Fran, C.C.; Niles/Fran, Niles/C.C., Maxwell/Fran
Nightmare Before Christmas:
Sparrow: Jack; Jack/Elvira
Turner: Jack; Jack/Elvira
Open Season:
Sparrow: McSquizzy, Elliot, Boog; McSquizzy/Weenie, Boog/Elliot
Turner: McSquizzy, Boog, Elliot; Boog/Elliot, Elliot/Giselle, Serge/Deni
Peter Pan:
Sparrow: Hook, Smee, Tinker Bell; Hook/Smee, Tink/Tiger, Pan/Tink
Turner: Hook, Smee, Tinker Bell; Hook/Smee, Tiger Lily/Tinker Bell
Phil of the Future:
Sparrow: Phil, Keely, Curtis; Phil/Keely
Turner: Pim, Phil, Keely; Phil/Keely
Pirate Movie:
Sparrow: Frederic, Pirate King, Gay Pirates; King/Ruth, Frederic/Mabel, Gay Pirate/Gay Pirate
Turner: Pirate King, Frederic, Gay Pirates; Gay Pirate/Gay Pirate, Pirate King/Frederic
Pirates of the Caribbean:
Sparrow: Jack, Will, Gibbs; Jack/Will
Turner: Will, Jack, Davy Jones; Jack/Will, Pintel/Ragetti, Norrington/Elizabeth
Sparrow: Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko; John Smith/Pocahontas, Meeko/Percy
Turner: Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko; John Smith/Pocahontas, Meeko/Percy, Ben/Nakoma
Quantum Leap:
Sparrow: Sam, Al; Sam/Al
Turner: Al, Sam; Sam/Al
Real Person Country Music:
Sparrow: Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks; no desired pairing
Turner: Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley; Uncle Kracker/Kenny Chesney/Trent, Kenny Big/James Otto, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill
Real Person Movies:
Sparrow: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson; Johnny/Orlando, Jackie Chan/Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson
Turner: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson; Johnny/Orlando, Siegfried Fischbacher/Roy Horn, Tim Burton/Danny Elfman
Real Person Rock Music:
Sparrow: David Bowie, Billy Idol, Meat Loaf; no preferred pairings
Turner: David Bowie, Adam Ant, Danny Elfman; Daniel Jones/Darren Hayes, David Bowie/Bon Jovi, Sonny Bono/Cher
Real Person TV:
Sparrow: no preference; Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling, David Boreanaz/Charisma Carpenter, Shannen Doherty/Holly Marie Combs
Turner: Charisma Carpenter, Holly Marie Combs, James Marsters; Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling, David Boreanaz/Charisma Carpenter, Shannen

Doherty/Holly Marie Combs
Sparrow: Sam, Sock, Benjamin; Sam/Sock
Turner: Devil, Sam, Benjamin; Sam/Sock
Sparrow: Ray, Mouse, AndrAla; Ray/Mouse, Matrix/AndrAla
Turner: AndrAla, Matrix, Mouse; Matrix/AndrAla, Ray/Mouse, Mouse/AndrAla
Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
Sparrow: Salem; no desired pairing
Turner: Salem, Roxie, Harvey; Harvey/Sabrina
Saved By The Bell:
Sparrow: Lisa, Screech, Slater; Screech/Lisa, Zack/Kelly
Turner: Jessi, Lisa, Tori; Slater/Jessi, Tori/Jessi
Shanghai Noon/Knights:
Sparrow: Chon, Roy, Falling Leaves; Chon/Roy, Falling Leaves/Pei Pei
Turner: Roy, Chon, Falling Leaves, Chon/Roy, Falling Leaves/Pei Pei
Sparrow: Adora, Swiftwind, Kowl; Bo/Adora, Adam/Adora, Adora/Frosta
Turner: Swiftwind, Adora, Sea Hawk, Adam/Adora, Swiftwind/Cringer, Adora/Frosta
Sherlock Holmes:
Sparrow: Sherlock, Watson; Sherlock/Watson
Turner: Sherlock, Watson, Beth; Sherlock/Watson, Sherlock/Beth
Sparrow: Puss, Donkey, Hook; Puss/Donkey, Donkey/Dragon, Shrek/Fiona
Turner: Puss, Donkey, Ugly Stepsister; Puss/Donkey, Shrek/Fiona
Sparrow: Lex, Clark, Chloe; Clark/Lex, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Ollie
Turner: Ollie, Lex, Clark; Clark/Lex, Jimmy/Chloe, Ollie/Clark one-sided on Ollie's part
Sons of Thunder:
Sparrow: Trent, Carlos; Carlos/Trent
Turner: Carlos, Trent; Carlos/Trent
Special Unit 2:
Sparrow: Nick, Kate, Carl; Nick/Kate
Turner: Kate, Carl, Nick; Nick/Kate
Sparrow: Shakespeare, Pirate Crew, Tristan; no desired pairing
Turner: Shakespeare, Tristan, Pirate Crew; no desired pairing
Starsky & Hutch:
Sparrow: Hutch, Starsky, Huggy; Hutch/Starsky
Turner: Hutch, Starsky, Huggy; Hutch/Starsky
Step By Step:
Sparrow: Rich, Dana, Jean Luc; Rich/Dana
Turner: Dana, Rich, Cody; Rich/Dana
Sparrow: Sam, Dean, Bobby; Dean/Sam
Turner: Sam, Dean, Bobby; Dean/Sam
Tale Spin:
Sparrow: Baloo, Kid, Don Carnage; Baloo/Louie, Baloo/Rebecca
Turner: Kid, Baloo, Wild Cat; Baloo/Kid, Baloo/Louie, Baloo/Rebecca
Sparrow: Tarzan, Jane, Tarzan's Kala; Tarzan/Jane
Turner: Terk, Tantor, Archimedes; Tarzan/Jane, Tantor/Terk
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Sparrow: Michaelangelo, Raphael, Splinter; Casey/Raphael, Leo/Raphael, Donatello/Michaelangelo
Turner: Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo; Casey/Raphael, Donatello/Michaelangelo, Raphael/Leonardo
10th Kingdom:
Sparrow: Wolf, Wendell, Tony; Tony/Wendell
Turner: Wolf, Wendell, Radish; Tony/Wendell, Wolf/Wendell, Cinderella/Snow White
Tin Man:
Sparrow: Glitch, Cain, Raw; any combination of Glitch, Raw, and Cain
Turner: Raw, Glitch, DG; Raw/Glitch, Glitch/DG, DG/Azkadellia
Walker, Texas Ranger:
Sparrow: Walker, Trivette, CD; Walker/Trivette, Gage/Sydney, Trent/Carlos
Turner: Sydney, Trent, Carlos; Gage/Sydney, Trent/Carlos, Walker/Trivette
Winnie the Pooh:
Sparrow: Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit; Pooh/Piglet, Rabbit/Tigger, Lumpy/Roo
Turner: Tigger, Eeyore, Owl; Lumpy/Roo, Pooh/Piglet, Rabbit/Tigger
Wizard of Oz:
Sparrow: Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man; any combination of the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, & Tin Man
Turner: Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man; Lion/Scarecrow, Scarecrow/Tin, Lion/Scarecrow/Tin
Sparrow: Mystique, Sabertooth, Wolfsbane; Sabertooth/Mystique
Turner: Mystique, Sabertooth, Shard; Sabertooth/Mystique, Havok/Polaris, Wildchild/Shard
Sparrow: Domino, Cable; Cable/Domino
Turner: Domino, Siryn, Warpath; Cable/Domino, Rictor/Shatterstar, Cannonball/Jubilee
Sparrow: Wolverine, Storm, Professor X; Wolverine/Storm, Professor X/Magneto, Joseph/Rogue
Turner: Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Beast; Joseph/Rogue, Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Wolverine/Storm
X-Men Evolution:
Sparrow: Rogue, Nightcrawler, Beast; no desired pairing
Turner: Nightcrawler, Beast, Shadowcat; Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Avalanche/Shadowcat, Wolverine/Storm
Sparrow: Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer; Xena/Gabrielle, Joxer/Gabrielle, Autolycus/Joxer
Turner: Xena, Gabrielle, Aphrodite; Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/Aphrodite, Joxer/Gabrielle
Zeta Project:
Sparrow: Zeta, Ro; Zeta/Ro
Turner: Ro, Zeta; Zeta/Ro
Sparrow: Hansel, Derek, David Bowie; Derek/Hansel, David/Mick Jagger, David/Fabio
Turner: Hansel, Derek, David Bowie; Hansel/Derek, David/Fabio
Sparrow: Diego, Elena; Diablo; Diego/Elena
Turner: Bunny, Diego, Elena; Diego/Elena, Diego/Bernardo

That tale is a journey that is very close to our hearts and is a series of going on 6 books. It all began with Love on the High Seas #1: Bright Promises of

Tomorrow wherein both new and old characters come together in an orgy of romance, daring, piracy, action, adventure, and the Supernatural. In the first

book that we hope you will take a look at at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3033866/1/Love_on_High_Seas_1_Bright_Promises_of_Tomorrow , Captain Jack

Sparrow arrives with his crew of humans, Werewolves, Demons, mutants, Vampires, cat people, a Gnome, a certain talking cat, and others to Port Royal to

celebrate the wedding of his own love, Will Turner, to Elizabeth Swann. The adventure soon begins when he discovers that his beloved Will has been sold

into Port Royal's underground black market. Meanwhile, Lorne gets bitten in the rear end and risks losing his heart in the process, First Mate Angel

encounters Princess Cordelia who is on the run from her own father's guards, and Faith, the self-proclaimed Virgin Slayer, finally meets some one who might

be able to slay her cold heart. Elsewhere on the isle, a group of Witches consisting of the Halliwell family; their godmother, Ororo Munroe; Elvira, Mistress

of the Dark; and fledgling Scientist Winifred Burkle is on the run from a mob of prejudiced Christians with no hope of escape until some of the Pirates take it

upon themselves to stand between them and the Christians. We hope you will take a look, and if you do and like what you read, please, please review.

and our 

Title: "A Priest's Love"
Author: Pirate Turner
Dedicated To: Excalibur, the way it was and should be again . . .
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Kurt's current place in comics and Excalibur's last issue
Summary: Daytripper confronts Father Wagner.
Disclaimer: Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner, Amanda "Daytripper" Sefton, Excalibur, and all other known names used in this story are © & TM Marvel comics and are used without permission. Everything else is © & TM Pirate Turner. The author makes absolutely no profit from this story.
Author's Notes: I seriously doubt that I am the only one upset and frustrated with Marvel's ignorant idea to make Kurt a Priest . . .
The soft click-clacking of boots on the polished floor shattered the Priest's thoughts as he listened to the approaching footsteps. He quickly finished his prayer before standing and turning. His yellow eyes went wide with surprise at the sight of the beautiful woman who swiftly approached him, and terror touched his heart at the anger that flooded her face. "Amanda!" he called out to her, waving a three-fingered hand in greeting, as he rushed to meet her. "What's wrong?"

"Why don't you tell me, Kurt Wagner?" she demanded as her long, sleek legs quickly ate up the distance between them. Her emerald eyes flashed with her fury, but there were dark rings underneath her eyes.

Kurt froze at the icy voice that met his ears. "Amanda?" he asked, both his face and voice clearly registering his surprise. "Vhat did I do?"

"Don't play innocent with me, Elf!" Amanda exclaimed sharply. "How could you do this to me?! To us?! To the team?!" she demanded furiously as she reached him.

"Amanda, vhat are you talking about?" Kurt asked, clearly bewildered, as he reached out a gentle hand to her shoulder only to have her snap away from him.

"Don't," she hissed, her green eyes burning with her fury. "Don't touch me, and stop with the act!"

"Vhat act?" Kurt asked, his brow creasing with confusion. "Amanda, vhat is going on?!" His voice raised, and he instantly bent his head in regret for having nearly yelled in the Lord's house.

"DAMN IT, KURT!" Amanda yelled. She suddenly gripped his muscular shoulders and began to shake him desperately. "THIS ISN'T YOU!"

"Amanda, please," Kurt pleaded gently with her, "not in the Lord's house!"

"Where else then, Kurt?" Amanda demanded icily, lowering her voice though her eyes filled with tears that she refused to allow to fall. "Where else when you've made this your home now? How could you?! How could you turn your back on your team -- not once, but twice?!" Kurt still did not understand what she was talking about, but, knowing that questions would only increase her anger at the moment, he remained silent and merely listened to her rage instead. "First, you leave Excalibur to supposedly go back to what you claim is your home, the X-Men," she bitterly bit off the name of the first X-team. "Then, you leave the X-Men to become a Priest?!"

Amanda sighed and lowered her head for a moment as she tried to calm her emotions enough that she could finish saying what she had came to this remote church to say. "Amanda, you know I've always held God close to my heart, and . . . "

"I know you've always been a devout Catholic, Kurt, but a Priest?! What were you thinking?!" she demanded as her head raised and her eyes returned to stare accusingly into his again. "You're a good man, Kurt, or at least you were, but there's nothing priestish about you! Look at yourself, for Gods' sakes! You're blue! You've got a pointed tail and ears! You look for all the world like a Demon, and while you are still incredibly handsome," she hurried to add before he could think that she was turning against him for his looks like so many others had, "what church is going to accept a Demon into their fold?"

Her words had stung him, and he pulled away. "This one did," he mumbled softly, "and you, of all people, should know that appearances are deceiving . . . "

"Oh, Kurt," Amanda breathed softly as she stepped closer to him. She pressed a gentle hand to his furry cheek and then forced him to look back at her. "You know I don't hold anything against you because of your looks. You've always been handsome, and your looks have always turned me on! I've never once thought you were ugly! That's not what I'm getting at, and I'm sorry you thought it was. I just can't understand how you could do this . . . I . . . I . . . " Her head lowered again, and a lone tear trickled down her cheek. "I thought you loved me."

Although her own ears could not hear her whispered admission, his pointy ears still clearly heard her words, and for all the anguish her previous words had fueled in him, his heart was now crushed so terribly that it felt as if it had caved in on itself. "I do love you, Amanda," he breathed softly. With very gentle hands, he lifted her chin and lowered his head towards hers, but before their lips could touch, she turned her head so that his lips were met only with her fiery hair.

"Don't," Amanda whispered. "Don't start what you're no longer allowed to finish. You say you love me, Kurt, but did you ever stop to think about all the things you were giving up in order to become a man of the cloth? You've devoted your life to your God, and that not only means that you can never live a normal life but that you also can never live the life you once led. That's not only the superheroics, the swashbuckling, or the adventuring. It's the acrobatics. It's the magic. And, perhaps most of all, it's love and . . . " Finally, she dared to meet his eyes again as she finished, " . . . me."

"Amanda," he breathed, "it doesn't have to be that way!"

"Doesn't it?" she asked him even as her heart broke for the thousandth time at the look in his breath-taking eyes. "When you became a Priest, you gave up women. You can't have both. You can't have both lives, and you can't have both your Priesthood and me."

"But, Amanda, I . . . " His voice broke with emotion as he softly drew his thumb across her cheek. Despite herself, she leaned into the embrace. Their eyes gazed into each other as he again began to lean down towards her. Her lips parted in welcoming, and then a voice shattered the silence that had once more befallen the church.

"What's going on here, Father Wagner?"

Kurt's head snapped up, and he froze as he saw the Bishop standing in the doorway. Looking back to Amanda, he realized that she was right and knew that he had to make a decision. "Get thee to a nunnery, woman," he commanded, "and take thy bewitching ways with thee!"

She had thought she could feel no more pain or sorrow than what had already nearly consumed her when she had first came to the church to seek her beloved out, but his sudden exclamation intensified her horrid feelings a hundredfold. It was all she could do to keep from crying as she shoved him away and ran as fast as her legs could carry her straight out the door, nearly pushing the Bishop down in her rush.

Realizing what he had done, Kurt screamed her name, "AMANDA!" He raced after her, and to his surprise, the Bishop did not attempt to stop him. However, by the time he burst through the church's doors, she was nowhere to be seen.


Amanda Sefton suddenly appeared on another continent entirely than the one her ex-lover searched frantically for her on. Her tear-filled, green eyes darted around the barren walls as she remembered all the wonderful times she had spent with Kurt here in this room that had been his when he had been a member of Excalibur. Those days were over though, she was finally forced to realize, and neither they nor he would ever return to her. Her arms wrapped tightly around her shaking sides as she collapsed to her knees. Her tears finally flowed freely, and she rocked back and forth as her heart-broken sobs echoed in the empty room.


Kurt returned windless from his fruitless search. His ribs ached as he forced his feet to take each step until he reached his destination. Finally arriving at the altar, he collapsed onto his knees. His head bent in prayer, and his hands clasped tightly before his chest. "Father, forgive me," he whispered softly, "for I have sinned . . . "

The End

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